Hreidar Thor ValtyssonHreiðar Þór Valtýsson a marine/fisheries biologist and assistant professor at University of Akureyri. Hreiðar was the branch manager of the Marine Research Institute in Akureyri and has focused on the marine ecology in Eyjafjörður in his researches. Hreiðar has participated in research and conservation of the chimneys since their discovery.

Hreiðar supervises a unique program of studies in fisheries science and is the director of the Fisheries Centre of the University of Akureyri.





Erlendur BogasonErlendur Bogason one of the most experienced divers in Iceland. He was the first person to see the hydrothermal chimneys and has been involved in research and conservation since their discovery.

Erlendur is enthusiastic wildlife explorer and has opened a dive shop to allow others to share his experience. His webpage is





2Eric dos Santos a marine biologist, trained at the University of Iceland, with more than a decade of experience in identification of marine invertebrates, especially from photographs and video. Having been born and raised in the USA, Eric has often put his understanding of both Icelandic and English to good use by translating for friends and colleagues from Icelandic into English.

Eric is an amateur photographer, avid fisherman, and budding kayaker.




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